Leonardo Da Bunni

The moment that Leo was born, Mama Da Bunni knew that he was a very
special baby rabbit. When Leonardo starts painting,
she sees that she was right.

Join baby Leo as he discovers works of
art in the world around him.

Leonardo Da Bunni is an illustrated story meant to be read to young children or be read by early readers. It is the tale of baby Leo, a rabbit with an artistic gift for painting. Leo learns life lessons throughout the story, such as cleaning up his own messes; not all people are as they seem; and if something is bothering him, he will feel better if he draws about it, or speaks to someone about it.

What makes Leonardo Da Bunni unique is that it introduces young children to the world of art in a humorous and entertaining manner. All ten full-color illustrations in Leonardo Da Bunni are parodies of actual paintings by famous human artists. For example, when Leo is haunted by a scary dream, he paints a picture of it. Thus we are introduced to the painting Bunny Scream.


Leonardo Da Bunni has been released on Createspace, Amazon, and Kindle.

Leonardo Da Bunni on Createspace

Leonardo Da Bunni on Amazon

Leonardo Da Bunni on Kindle


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